Dishwasher buying guideThough millions of households have functioned without an automatic dishwasher throughout history, the dishwasher has become a standard household appliance.
If you do not already have a dishwasher in your kitchen, you will have to give special consideration to a future location. You will need to have space near your sink in order to connect your new dishwasher to your existing plumbing. You also must have a source of electricity to power the dishwasher nearby.
Whether you are purchasing a dishwasher for the first time or are simply replacing a broken down one, there are a few things you should consider before you buy. After you’ve decided on the style and color you want, you then have to decide on things like features and manufacturers. Here are a few things you should consider before buying a dishwasher. First have a look at this comparison of 10 best dishwashers, carefully compare them, read reviews and customer feedback before you buy.

A few things you should know before buying a Dishwasher:

  • Capacity: Deciding on the capacity is the first step and you should consider how big your family is. If you’re just living with your spouse, a smaller dishwasher is probably what you’ll want. A bigger family probably means a bigger dishwasher.
  • Cost: If you’re on a tight budget, there are plenty of low-cost dishwasher models with features like energy efficiency, high-temperature wash, heated dry and delayed start. If you can, consider a high-end model with more than the standard features. 
  • Size: 18 inch models are for small families and kitchens with limited space where 24 inch full size models are for larger families with no space limitations.

Type of Dishwashers:

  • Built-in: This is the most common type of dishwasher.
  • Drawer: Some benefits of drawer dishwashers are like aesthetic appeal, no bending to load dishes and you can use both drawers at the same time or separately.
  • Portable: If your kitchen lacks the space needed for a built-in dishwasher, try a portable model. Most portable dishwashers provide the same useful features as a built-in.

Key Features of a dishwasher:

  • Color:  Black, brown, metallic, white and off-white are the main colors of dishwasher.
  • Stainless Steel: You’ll usually pay a higher price for this feature cause you will not like to see your washer rusty. Stainless steel will never let your washer don with its cool style.
  • Plastic: The typical white plastic interior will cost less and last long but has a greater chance of staining and fading.
  •  Polymer: Also known as an armor tub, polymer is a more durable plastic with dark gray coloring that resists stains and fading.

Cleaning Features:

  • Smart Wash: Built-in sensors select the appropriate wash cycle and monitor soil levels in the wash water, making adjustments for maximum cleaning using fewer resources.
  • Water filtration: Some dishwashers provide three levels of filtering like one filter keeps oversized items out of the pump; a finer filter prevents food from being redeposited onto dishes, and a micro-filter captures very fine particles.
  • Filter cleaning: Self-cleaning filters are more convenient than manual cleaning filters.
  • Food Disposal: The purpose of this feature is to break up food particles for drainage.
  • Adjustable Racks: Helps you out to wash larger clothes like stock pots,  cookie sheets, and roasters.
  • Fold-down Tines: Makes room for an assortment of dishware.
  • Silverware Basket with Cover: Designed to give optimal spacing and higher quality silverware cleaning.
  • Culinary Racks: Provides assigned spaces for cleaning culinary tools.
  • Quiet Wash/Whisper Wash: Numerous makes and models boast that their dishwasher is quiet or even noise-free.
  • Noise control: Check the noise ratings of the dishwater. You may be able to get a good-functioning dishwasher for a low price but the noise may be one of its disadvantages.
  • Energy efficiency: Energy Star™ appliances reduce energy and water usage 10-50 percent compared to standard models without sacrificing features and performance. Because the average life of a dishwasher is 11 years, it’s worth the investment.

So these are the key points you should consider before buying a dishwasher. If you look for these things, you can definitely have a very good dishwasher in your kitchen. Now lets have a quick took over these reviews on ten best dishwashers.